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Many people tend to ignore or overlook the role that faith should play when making financial and investment decisions. Some believe in the Word of God but they do not see the results of their faith in their financial lives. Others believe that faith is irrelevant and that it plays no part at all in their finances.

Finance: According To Your Faith’s (FATYF) mission is to reach out to God’s people to teach them step-by-step how to manage their financial matters and empower them to build wealth. Why? Because so many of God’s people are hurting as a result of financial mismanagement and ignorance concerning debt, credit and savings while others are successful but are keenly aware that they are called to do more with the financial resources God has placed in their care.

FATYF helps people build a financial foundation that will enable them to establish traditions of wealth and create a financial inheritance.

Please explore the FATYF Web site to learn more about how you can use Biblical principles and modern financial strategies to manage and build your Godly wealth.

FATYF Education

Finance: According To Your Faith (FATYF) is a Christian financial education ministry. Seminars, workshops and classes use...

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About Deena Marie Carr

Deena Marie Carr established FATYF in 2005 as the financial education ministry of Christian Heritage Training Center. Inspired by God...

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